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About Us

Financial Markets today involve some of the brightest minds and some of the most advanced technology and some of the most complex computer algorithms ever written. Professional traders, institutional traders, market makers, all have one thing in common: They all use trading strategies. As an individual trader or investor, you simply cannot compete and make a profit in the market without a tested trading plan.

Trading is a zero sum game. This means, for someone to make money, someone else has to lose it. Many traders are simply unaware of the fact, that traders that trade without a proven strategy basically give money away to those who trade with a tested strategy.

You will here others saying that automated trading, that is trading by mathematical algorithms used in computer programs can and do not work. Don't be mislead by all of that. Over the past 20 year on Wall Street, computer-based models have gradually replaced human network of strategist and traders. Analysts estimate that almost 65% of all trading volume today is driven by computers, which act according to a program that was based on a strategy. They allow trading to take place automatically in response to the market data and news, deciding when and how much to trade similar to the autopilot function in airplanes. Most large financial institutions, institutions that can actually move the markets now only use computers. They do this to completely eliminate emotions from the trading process.

At AAA Trading Solutions we understand how today's markets actually work and are specialized in researching, developing, testing and programming trading strategies. We use state of the art trading strategies with own mathematical algorithms, that are able to recognize subtle nonlinear patterns in financial data and to profit from short-lived fluctuations in markets. They are typically based on historical data through intensive backtesting and assume that the history is a provides a reliable guide for future outcomes.

Our strategies allow individual traders and investors to profit in the market and to actually trade with a strategic edge, an edge that is backed by over 10 years of trading and professional trading experience. Bear in mind that only 10 to 15% of all traders survive financially the first year of trading. The big majority fails, some because of a poor strategy, others fail due to errors and because they do not stick to their trading plan. Our goal is to avoid the human error in trading that can turn the best method into a failure. Our strategies can be used to make money in stocks, Futures, ETFs and Forex.

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