Rainbow Moving Average : Summary

This is a well known indicator. (You can even find free versions on the net.)

 So why proposing it here ?

Simply because usually , this indicator has static parameters and some of our customers asked for a professionnal , fully parametrizable version..

We wanted to realize a version completely dynamic , where you may add or remove MA. Change MA calculations , change MA type... and more custom parametrization...

Rainbow Moving Average : Parameters


1. The 'Select MA Type' allows you to choose the algorithm to calculate the moving average.You have the coice between EMA, HMA , SMA , WMA

2. The indicator divides the MA's in 3 categories : Short, Medium, Long

      For each category , you have 3 parameters

      1. The number of MA lines</>

      2. The value of the first MA in the category

      3. The adding step for each MA in the category

Remark: If you want to not draw a category , just set his 'MA Numbers' parameter to 0

3. At the last part of the parameter screen, you have 3 colors parameters. One for each category (short, medium , red). It will changes all MA colors for the category, so don't use the Plots parameter to change colors.

How the MA values are calculated :

For example : 6 , 3 , 3 means :

6 lines :

- MA 1 = 3

- MA 2 = 6

- MA 3 = 9

- MA 4 = 12

- MA 5 = 15

- MA 6 = 18


Rainbow Moving Average : Configuration Examples

We will shows here different configurations of the indicator on the same underlying chart.

Example with default Parameters

Examples with each type of Moving Average Algorithm


Example with diffent colors

Example with 10 lines per category

Example with only 2 categories (Short & Long).You just need to set the 'Medium MA Numbers' to 0

Example with more space between categories

As you see.

You can configure it exactly like you want.


Rainbow Moving Average : Prices

This wonderfull indicator is offered at 99 $


Rainbow Moving Average : Buy It

Please , read how to obtain licence when you install indicators.

By clicking on the Buy Now button , you recognize that you have read and accepted the End User License Agrements.

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