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Trend With Power Osc MTF : Summary

This indicator is part of the package 'Trend With Power' Package

The best way to understand this indictor is to read first the Trend With Power Oscillator indicator !

This indicator is composed of three oscillators with differents timeframe.

Like that , you get an idea of the power of the trend at three different levels :

  • The Violet line (Power1) is the oscillator at the timeframe given in parameter.
  • The Green line (Power 2) is the oscillator at 2 X timeframe given in parameter.
  • The Yellow line (Power 3) is the oscillator at 4 X timeframe given in parameter.

The Red line is an average of the 3 other lines.



Trend With Power Osc MTF : Parameters


 The Period is the parameter of the Trend With Power indicator used inside.

The Timeframe parameter iis the SMALLEST timeframe that will be used in the indicator.

Other timeframes are multiple of this one.

Timeframe 1 = parameter value

Timeframe 2 = 2x Timeframe 1

Timeframe 3 = 4x Timeframe 1







Trend With Power Osc MTF : How to use it

Example 1

In this example , we see that the power1 (smallest timeframe) invert his oscillation near 16:00. But we see also that Power2 and Power 3 are still near -2 and stay relatively flat. The average (red line) also shows that the trend is still powerful.

So , that mouvement of the Power 1 line shows only a little consolidation and the fact that the Bars are crossing the Trend With Power line near 16:10 can be a good point to reenter the Short Trend (if you were not in it).


Example 2

This is a good example of 'Patience' Trading...

The signal comes in 3 differents steps :

  1. The Power 1 crosses comes from near -3 (very powerful trend) to 0. That means the trend is reversing or is begining a consolidation.
  2. Between 18:30 and 19:30 , Power 1 stay near 0 , Power 2 ,and 3 are very flat. Avg is flat also. Going slowly up. At that point , it's a long consolidation.
  3. At 19:30 Power 2 make a big move and touch 0 line. Now we know that the trend had reverse and you can enter long.
There is another consolidation zone between 20.30 and 21:00. That case is easy to analyse , every power lines are abobe 0 , or just at 0. It's a consolidation.



Example 3

This is the simple case to analyse.

All power lines are near 0 during more than 2 hours.

It's a choppy time , and no trade can be taken. (Don't loose your money trying to scalp... Be patient)

At 8:40 all power lines are going down together. It's time to enter short.

With experience , you will learn that each times all power lines are going same way , the trade will be very easy and the percentage of success very high !


Example 4

This is another usual case.

At the begining of the Chart , near 19:00, all power lines are at different level.

That means : DON'T TRADE NOW !!!

But we can get important informations about that figure :

  1. The power 3 (long timeframe) is very high. So the trend is normaly up.
  2. The other power are just showing a choppy market.
Near 19:50 , all power lines are up and join the Power3. That means the market decided to keep the long trend and is ready to go higher.
It's time to enter LONG.
At 22:00 , Power 1 touched the 0 line. Time to be carefull , we enter a consolidation period.
Near 23:30 , Power 1 crossed the 0 line. If you trade only 1 contract , you can stay a little more in the trend cause other power lines are still up. If you trade 2 or more contracts (like we always recommand) , it's time to close a part of the position.
On the right of the chart , Power 2 crossed 0 also. If you are still in the chart , it's time to close every positions or even time to go short !


Trend With Power OSC MTF : How to buy It

Those three indicators must be linked together to give wonderful signals :

If you didn't read informations about the three indicators , we invite you to do it now.

We have a strategy using those indicators , go read about it !!!

You will see the nice performances with only two contracts !

The strategy Trend System includes the package Trend With Power.

So please , to buy this indicator , choose one solution here :


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