Trend Discover : Summary

This indicator is part of the package 'Trend Discover' Package


Just look at it !


Sometimes the words are difficults to explain our work , to explain our researchs...

But in this case , only one word came to us : REVOLUTINARY !

All Trend indicators have the same problem. To be sure to give you a good trend , they wait too much time and it is too late to enter.

With our Trend With Power Indicator , we already made a big step to the top of Trend Indicator.

But to be sure of the signal , it was still better to look the Trend With Power Multitimeframe indicator

We think that the best indicator must be efficient , but also must be the simplest to use !

Each time you must look at 2 or more indicators , you create possibilities to take bad decision.

Each time you must configure a lot of parameters in an indicator , you create local solutions or have vad signals.

"Simplicity for the user" was our main goal when we create this indicator.

The criterias to develop it was :

  •    No need to verify another indicator
  •    Only one principal parameter with only one secondary parameter.
  •    A direct view must allow the user to trade.
  •    It must work on Renko chart also.


As always , to have a simple result , the development is very important.

How did we create it ?

  •    We based the algorithm on our Trend With Power Indicator
  •    We integrated 3 Trend With Power Indicators at different timeframes to calculate the new Trend.

             Like that , you don't need anymore to check higher timeframe. It is checked INSIDE !

  •    We used ATR indicator and Parabolic SAR indicator in a complex algorithm to calculate StopLoss zone but above , to find the best zone to reverse the trend.

But enough talk...

Discover it by yourself !


Trend Discover : Parameters

Period parameter is the main parameter. It is used for the algorithm that calculate the trend.

Stop Trend Coef is a secondary parameter :

We hesitated to show that parameter. As we already said , we want the indicator to be the simplest to use.

But some users , especially thoses who are writing strategies should have an interest to 'play' with that value

The Stop Trend Coef may vary between 0 and 1 (like a percentage) . It is use to calculate the position of the Stop/Reverse value between the Parabolic SAR and the ATR.

   -  0 means the stop is on the Parabolic SAR value.

   -  1 means the stop is on the ATR value

   -  All values between put the stop in a percentage.

      The default is 50 %





Trend Discover : How to use it

This indicator is so powerfull but so simple to use that...It is difficult to explain by text.

So we think that the best to do is to show you the indicator at work.

We show you it on differents instruments , and differents timeframe type (Minute and Renko)

Example on GC

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

Examples on ES

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

Examples on 6E

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

Examples on CL

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

Examples on NQ

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

Examples on TF

on Minute Timeframe
on Renko Timeframe

As you can see... The signals are always exceptional...

  • Regardless of the instrument traded...
  • Regardless of the type of timeframe...

We just made 4 screenshot per instrument , but we could show tons of other cases...


Trend Discover : How to buy It

As explained above , this wonderful indicator is just at a top of a pyramid.

It uses in his calculation the Trend With Power indicator.

And the Trend With Power himself use other indicators developped by AAATradingSolutions.

As the NinjaTrader environnement is construct , we must sell a package containing all indicators used by the Trend Discover.

So we must link  :

If you didn't read informations about the three indicators , we invite you to do it now.

So please , to buy this wonderful indicator , go to the Package page :


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