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Package Belkhayate : Summary


Who is M. Belkhayate ?

M. Mustapha Belkhayate is a professionnal trader.

He is the CEO of Belkhayate Asset Management.
From 2005-2010 he was the manager of "Mansa Moussa Gold Fund" , canadian fund dedicate to physical gold

2006 : He was classed Best Gold Manager on Bloomberg
2009 : He won the Technical Analyst Gold Trophee in Paris
2010 : He won the Technical Analyst Silver Trophee in Paris

M Belkhayate is editing news letters , he made lot of video explaining his trading.

The base are two indicators , the Center of Gravity , and the timer.

We develop the two indicators for Ninjatrader , based on MT4 code offered by M Belkhayate himself...


Package Belkhayate : How to use It

To analyze a graph El Mostafa Belkhayate uses 2 indicators which are both based on the concept of center of gravity of a stock movement.

  1. The first indicator, Belkhayate Barycenter, calculates the center of gravity of a dynamic market. He is represented by parallel stripes which seem to serve as support and resistance.
  2. The indicator Belkhayate Timing, calculates the static center of gravity. It is represented by the graph below the price chart and provides areas for optimal probability buy or sell.

Reading both of these indicators can have immediate visibility on the evolution likelihood of a market without the need for comments. At a glance, the reader will know whether buy, sell or wait and do nothing.

The indicator Belkhayate Barycenter

This indicator uses a mathematical formula developed (polynomial nonparametric regression) to calculate first the center of gravity of a moving stock (blue line), then 3 standard deviations to upwards (red stripes) and 3 down (green stripes). The amplitudes of these deviations are always proportions of the golden number 1.618. And we will realize, after having studied this indicator on a hundred different markets that magic number is actually printed in the brains of human beings, whatever race or origin.



  1. The first observation is that all financial markets oscillate around their center gravity. They exaggerate the up or down from a consensus of prices or less unconscious.
  2. The amplitude of these exaggerations is not random, quite the contrary: as seen on graph above (the market for U.S. Treasury bills), the amplitude is very often equal to the exact proportions of the golden to the center of gravity dynamics. As if the hype man is highly dependent on the number of gold.
  3. The blue curve, representing the dynamic center of gravity gives us so immediate and visual direction of the current market trend is bearish. Since the blue curve was bent down.
  4. The extreme lines red and green indicate the amplitude of breathing market. Otherwise said its volatility. It is also an immediate and easy reading for visual. Like all markets vary in elasticity with respect to their center of gravity, these lines are extreme vitally important for making decisions to buy or sell.
  5. The basic indicator Belkhayate Barycenter is simple: when the price between in the area contained by the two red lines, we are in an area conducive to the sale (because the probability that the market comes back, like a rubber band around its center of gravity is approximately 90%) and vice versa when the price falls within the lower area contained by the lines green.
  6. The corollary of this principle is not recommended to buy when the price is above the center of gravity, or sell when below.

To optimize the technical analysis, we included an indicator based on the revolutionary barycenter static indicator Belkhayate Timing. The simultaneous reading of these two indicators provides immediate visibility of likely developments and short-term, any market Fellow.

The indicator Belkhayate Timing

This indicator is an oscillator that provides 3 types of very important areas:


  • The area "Middle Area" represented by a blue rectangle in the middle which represents the area centroid. When the price is in this area, it is recommended to do nothing because the probability of being right (or wrong) is about 50%. It is a neutral zone where he must show patience and prepare next position.
  • Areas "Out Area" represented by a magenta rectangle show the extreme where it is recommended to take profits. Liquidate its position in the above part and redeem its position in the bellow part. And this, of course, in agreement with the basic indicator Belkhayate Barycenter.
  • The white areas beyond the extreme regions, called zones of alert, which issue buy signals and sell high probability of success.

Thoses areas are configurables. You just have to change parameters Limite1 and Limite 2 in the indicator.

Rule base system Belkhayate:

When the indicator Belkhayate Timing, zone alarm is reached, we check if it matches an area of extreme indicator Belkhayate Barycenter. If so, then the probability that signal is valid is greater than 80%.
This analysis system is easy to use and is of considerable power. With experience, the eye inured and detects a split second what to do, even when the market seems complicated.

Stop Loss and Targets

Like we advise you with all our indicators , this one is no exception to the rules.

Trades at least with 2 contracts to create two different targets.

Exemple :

  • target 1 is reached when the quote touch the barycenter (blue line)
  • target 2 is reached when you enter the "Out Area" of the Timer , as explained above.
  • Stop Loss created when target 1 reached and initiate on extreme line og the barycenter.

It's just an exemple , but we used it a lot and had very nice results.


Trade 1 at 9:30 :

The quotes are below the last line of the center of gravity. We need to check the timer to find the best moment to enter.(Tips : When the Timer is far in the extreme area , it's better to wait that it come back and touch the extreme line before entering the trade.)

First target is triggered when the center line (blue one) is reached (at 10:10).Time to put a stop loss for exemple on the last line of the barycenter (you can move the stop loss to follow the line)

Second Targetis reached near 10:45 : We see that Timer touched the extreme up line and don't seems to keep power. At the same time , the Center of gravity indicator is near the last line area. We have a nice profit so TAKE IT...

Trade 2 at 12:20 :

The tips explained for Trade 1 shows his utility here. The timer entered extreme zone near 11:45. The extreme line of the barycenter was also reached at that time , but the trend is very powerful. So it's important to wait the FIRST RED BAR in the timer to enter. Like that you will find better entry signals. So in this case , we wait from 11:45 to 12:10 before entering.

Signals 3 and 4 :

Thoses 'signals' are showed in red , because they aren't signals !!! Even if the timer reached extrem zone , the barycenter didn't. In this exemple , if you had traded it , you could make profit. BUT , the percentage of success is bad , and in long term , you will get more loosing trades than winning.

 Results (approximation):

Trade 1 : Entry near 1.4320   T1: 1.4345  T2: 1.4360  Result : 25 ticks + 40 ticks => 65 ticks

Trade 2 : Entry near 1.4370   T1: 1.4355  T2: 1.4335  Result : 15 ticks + 35 ticks => 50 ticks

Total of the 2 trades : 115 ticks. On 6E the value of one tick is 12.5 $

Money earns for the day with 2 trades of 2 contracts : 115 x 12.5 = 1437.5 $


This was just an example of use.You can trade also with 3 targets or 4 targets. You can trade it with trailing stop loss...

Don't hesitate to check multiple timeframe...

Take time to discover all the possibilities and become confortable with your own choices...

You will discover the power of this package and quicly be profitable !



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This pack contains two indicators.

We offer it at a basic price of 149 $


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