Package Trend Discover : Summary

Trend detection is the corner-stone of many trading strategies.

A good 'following Trend' Trader knows that he must look at different timeframes to establish the real trend...

Now a very good trader will know that , the Trend Discover will do that for him.

The Trend Dicover Indicator  includes 3 Trend With Power indicators on different timeframe.

His algorithm merges automaticaly informations with the use of secondaries indicator to find the trend as quick as possible , and moreover , to stay in the trend until the end !

Usually , traders are using different charts with differents timeframe to verify the long trend tendance...

It's finish ! 

Our indicator do it for you !

But to work , it must himself inspect different indicators , that's why we must sell it in a package.

We must included all the underlying indicators !


Package Trend Discover : Content

The package contains 6 differents indicators


Package Trend Discover : How to use it

The simplest way to use it , is to use the Trend Discover Indicator.

Go to the specific page to read more about it.

The Trend Discover will use the others indicators of the package in his own algorithm.

But of course , all indicators included in the package may be used INDEPENDENTLY.


Package Trend Discover : Prices

This pack contains 6 indicators.

We offer it at a price of 599 $


Package Trend Discover : Buy It

All our products are protected by the NinjaTrader Licensing system.

Please , read how to obtain your licence when you install packages.

IMPORTANT ! To run correctly , this package includes all the indicators from the Trend With Power package. If you already purchased the Trend With Power package or the Trend System Strategy , please contact us for a discount agreement.

By clicking on the Buy Now button , you recognize that you have read and accepted the End User License Agrements.

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