Package Trend With Power : Summary

Trend detection is the corner-stone of many trading strategies.

Be able to know if trend is up , trend is down , or choppy is as important as the entry/exit rules on which strategies are based.

Moreover , it is also a key of success to know the trend in higher timeframe than your trading timeframe.

Usually , traders are using different charts with differents timeframe to verify the long trend tendance...

We included in this package a Multi-timeframe indicator (Trend With Power Oscillator that gives you all informations needed in only one screen !

This package is the culmination of a long period of research. (Near one year !)

We are so proud of it that we use it in our own strategy...


Package Trend With Power : Content

The package contains 5 differents indicators


Trend With Power
Trend With Power Oscillator   Trend With Power Oscillator Multi-Timeframe
No Lag MACD   Stochastic with Trend

The main indicator of the package is the Trend With Power.

The second indicator is the Trend With Power Oscillator. It is used to confirm the power of the trend.

The third indicator is the Trend With Power Oscillator Multi-Timeframe. It is used to confirm or not a trend at differents timeframes.

The use of those indicators , with some experiences will  give wonderfull signals !

The two other indicators (No Lag MACD and Stochastics with trend) are part of the algorithm used in the Trend With Power indicator.But you can of course use them on charts if you want !


Package Trend With Power : How to use it

This package is very powerful.

There are a lot of different ways to use the 5 indicators included.

Please , go to the indicator's pages to see how signals are given. How it is important to mix indicators together.

We will add soon live trading video to show how much is easy to make money with this package.



Package Trend With Power : Prices

This pack contains 5 indicators.

We offer it at a price of 399 $


Package Trend With Power : Buy It

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IMPORTANT ! All the indicators contained in this package are used in the strategy Trend System. Please , take time to read the strategy informations... If you are interrested in the strategy , but wanted to use  the package first , please contact us for a trade agreement.

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