Licence Check

All our productions (Indicators , Packages , Strategies) are protected under the licencing package of NinjaTrader.

When you install one of our indicator for the first time in a Chart , it will open a popup message , explaining that you don't get a correct licence.

It is normal , and part of the indicator installation !

This is an example of Message box :









Just click OK

Then you will have another message box (like this example) :








Click on SEND MAIL button

Then it will open a mail page :


Warning !!! If your adress mail is the same that your PayPal address mail , you can send directly.

If NOT ! Please write your Paypal adress mail in the beginning of the mail body

We need it to check the Payement

When we receive a correct mail, we create your licence as soon as possible.

We engage to open the licence in the 24 hours of the mail reception.

After the licence creation , we send you back a confirmation mail.

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