Trend System : Summary

Two years...

We took two years to develop this system.

In two years , we tested a lot of indicators...

In two years we wrote our own indicators because the classics were not good enough for us.

In two years we develop strategy algorithms... Testing with and without targets , testing with and without stop loss. Testing with and without money forks limits.

In two years we discover that the only way to be profitable for an automatic system , it's to work on EACH TICKS. And not only at the end of bars like most strategies on the market.

We are expert developper since 20 years , expert in .NET since 10 years...

But in two years , we learns... We discovers the power of the Ninjatrader framework and we integrated all stuffs in our concept.

And we are very proud to present to you this system.


Trend System : Concept

All our strategies are based on a framework that we develop 'above' the Ninjatrader framework...

That allow us to easily incorporate multi targets , trailing stop Loss automaticaly.

We can then concentrate our work on algorithm...

This system is used by professional traders to manage part of funds.

They check it during a long time and it is now approved by their trading controllers.

The principals indicators used in the strategy are in the package Trend With Power.

Please read all informations about that package...


Specifications :

  • Trade at least 2 contracts
  • Automatic targets are sent on the Market. (2 differents targets)
  • Automatic Stop Loss. The algorithm transforms the initial stop loss to a trailing stop loss depending on market trend.
  • Algorithm checks each ticks to manage exit signals. (Waiting end of bar means loosing money !)
  • Manages a limit loss per day.
  • Manages a limit gain per day
  • Manages trading hours.


Trend System : Performances

Cumulated Profit


Draw down


Trend System : Videos

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Trend System : Parameters

Trend System Parameters

CommissionInTradeCorrection :

The Trend System is a very high level strategy. We calculate on each tick the Pnl of the day. And we check the gain/loss limit forks. We discovered that some broker includes full commission in the Entry trade , but others (most) include half commission on Entry and half on Exit. When we check the day limits , we need to calculate with full commission (to be more accurate). That's why we needed to create this particular parameter.

  • If your broker include full commission directly , the parameter must be 0.
  • If your broker include half commission. The parameter must represent half commission price. Like that , your Pnl calculation will be perfect.




These are the forks to limit win/loss by day.

The actual values (1000 and 325) are set to trade 2 contracts

Those values were choosen statisticaly. We tried differents value from 500 to 2000 for gain and 200 to 1000 for loss. The actuals values are giving the best yield !

If you trade more than 2 contracts , just multiply the two values.

Be carrefull to always choose a pair number


StopInitTicks :

The strategy use stop loss that become automaticaly trailing stop loss if the trend allow it. At the start , the stop loss is initialize with the value of this parameter. (The value must be encoded in Tick !)


Target1Ticks :

When it enter in trade , the strategy initiates directly a target for half of position. This value is the number of tick for the target. That value of 8 ticks can seem small. The idea of target here is to protect the trade. The gain will be made essencially with the other half part.


TradingPeriod Start/End/CloseALL

You can let your strategy running on a server 24h/24. But you don't want to trade all the time. These parameters are use to start the strategy trading mode.

      • Start : Enter in trade mode
      • End : Stop to test to enter in a new position BUT stay in an actual position if it exists.
      • Close ALL:  Close last position and stop trading for the day.



The strategy use the TrendWithPower indicator. This parameter is use to configure that indicator


Strategy Trend System : Prices

This strategy contains all the indicator of the Trend With Power Packages + the Timer indicator + the strategy algorithms.

We offer it at a price of 799 $


Strategy Trend System : Buy It

All our products are protected by the NinjaTrader Licensing system.

Please , read how to obtain your licence when you install packages.

By clicking on the Buy Now button , you recognize that you have read and accepted the End User License Agrements.

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